FusionARTS create personal Art Cards for local hospitals.

When Kingston First contacted us to enquire if we may have some Art Cards for local hospital staff to use, we were very honoured to be asked to help at this difficult time.

The cards were much needed by staff at Kingston hospital and St Georges Hospital Tooting, so they could send messages of condolence to families who could not be present at the hospitals.

The response from our artists was overwhelmingly positive and immediate.
So we decided to print a dedicated series of cards specifically for the cause. The whole thing was turned around in record time, and within days we were able to personally hand over hundreds of cards to both hospitals.

It was a great opportunity for us to thank our NHS for the incredible work they do for us all.

Thank you to our artists at who responded so quickly.

The FuseWIRE Project

We are delighted to announce the Pilot of a new project at FusionARTS.
The project is designed to encourage and enable the early career stage of an individual creative.

It fits in with the charitable aims and objectives of FusionARTS and is something we
have been wanting to do for many years but haven't had funding. We have pared down the initial one year concept to this much more modest six month trial option, and hope to qualify for some funding in the future when we have worked on the pilot.

FusionARTS is an established group of experienced artists and makers and therefore an ideal environment for someone at the start of their career to gain experience. Any positive input for the on-going development of this project is very welcome.
Studio 32 ( the smallest studio and most usually a store room) will be the location for FuseWIRE.

The aims are to:
* Provide valuable studio space for a six month period.
* Catalogue creative development - including a blog on
* Offer mentoring from other studio members if appropriate.
* Offer a window display and exhibition in the FusionARTS Foyer at the end of the six month period.
* Develop a CV.

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